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Garage Vacuum



Our powerful wall mounted wet/dry garage vacuum will keep your car and garage clean no matter the mess.

Wall Mount Wet/Dry



The 12-amp motor is one of the most powerful on the market and can generate quite a bit of air flow for drying those infamous drips from areas on your vehicle after a wash or blowing dust and debris out of the garage. The unit comes with a wide array of all-purpose attachments that make car detailing a snap. Make your garage sanctuary more fun and efficient today.​​


  • 32' Flexible Crush-Proof Hose

  • Hose Holder

  • Mounting Bracket

  • 2 - 19" Extension Wands

  • Large Wet Cleaning Tool

  • Multi-Surface Floor Tool

  • Crevice Tool

  • Dusting Brush

  • Small Upholstery Tool

  • Small Suction Tool

  • Accessory Bag


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