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Our Story

Blue Diamond Garage & Home Solutions

Blue Diamond Garage & Home Solutions was founded in 2020 by young Naples entrepreneur Brennen Seaman as a spin-off from Seaman’s already successful business, Detailers of Naples.


Detailers of Naples launched in 2014 when then 16-year old Brennen had a vision to bring high-end automobile detailing services to the luxury car lovers of the Naples community. Brennen’s business started by offering white-glove detailing, restoring, and maintaining services on luxurious vehicles. As clientele grew and he started servicing more customers in their homes, Brennen uncovered a demand for luxury garage and home solutions. He quickly realized that his clients who preferred private, exclusive vehicle services also wanted the same luxurious, white-glove services for their spacious garages, exteriors, driveways, and entertaining areas of their homes. In response to this demand, Brennen launched Blue Diamond Garage and Home Solutions with Alan Forbus. Together they made the perfect team and their new business quickly took off. Blue Diamond has grown to be the most trusted source in the Southwest Florida region for unique and custom garage solutions, makeovers, and home services. 



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